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Amazon Chase CLI - After 5 years!

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Re: Amazon Chase CLI - After 5 years!

Congrats on finally getting an increase!

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Re: Amazon Chase CLI - After 5 years!

@Anonymous wrote:
It's like they read my mind. I've had the card for 5 years with a $600 limit. I tried as much as I could to run $ through the card despite the limit. After I got my last card I decided that I was gonna drop this card because it's not even helping in my utilization. I mean, I was literally calling in when the automated teller surprised me and said my limit was $3500! It might have happened in the last few weeks because I haven't checked it since then but how funny is that?

Super congrats Damian! I wish they would read my mind. I sooooo miss Washington Mutual. Smiley Sad Was Chase always so stingy? I have a decent CL with them, but the account activity in terms of growth is stagnate.

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Re: Amazon Chase CLI - After 5 years!


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