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Amazon Prime Approved - Thin File

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Re: Amazon Prime Approved - Thin File

Congratulations, you are starting out with the correct mentality!!!   Smiley Happy

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Re: Amazon Prime Approved - Thin File

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: Amazon Prime Approved - Thin File

Have you had a prior relationship with Chase before signing up for this one?

I feel that my file is too thin to replicate your success.

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Re: Amazon Prime Approved - Thin File

@Anonymous wrote:

I can't believe this actually worked, considering what I've heard about how strict Chase is.  I've just been approved for the Amazon Prime Visa Signature card with a $5000 SL.


I just moved to the US from Canada in late January so I have just over 5 months of credit history.  Here's my information if it is useful data for anyone else:


No FICO score.  CreditKarma VantageScore at 714.

Amex BCE - 15k (Global Transfer)

Generic Credit Union Visa - 3k

I also have checking/savings accounts with Chase - my paychecks go here so this might have something to do with the approval


AAoA 3 months, Age of Oldest Account = 5 months


I've been lurking around the forums lately and based on other experiences, I was intending to wait out the first year before applying for anything from Chase. But - earlier this week in my Chase "My Offers" page, I saw the CFU show up as "you're pre-qualified" so I decided to jump for the Amazon card (I spend a ton on Amazon and I also kinda want to hold out for the CSR/CSP). 


I don't think I'm going to push my luck any further with Chase for the rest of this year and I also kinda want to stay under 5/24 so it's off to the garden for me.

congrats thats impressive  and your other 2 cards arent anything to sneeze at either,lol

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