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Amazon Prime Store Card Approval

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Amazon Prime Store Card Approval

I was about to place a Amazon order and noticed the store card $60 gift card upon approval i would have chose Chase over the store card but 5/24 rule. I pulled the trigger instant approval $1200 By far my lowest limit lol my Exposure with Sync before this is $75K i know they go up to a $100K so this may played a part in the limit. I called and got full account number then called credit solutions shot down on a CLI this card isn't as easy to pimp as other Sync Cards. I know people with good credit and good scores get toy limits for this card and have to work to build it up. Walmart will be going to Cap 1 in Oct so there exposure will only be 50K maybe flood gates will open then lol.

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Re: Amazon Prime Store Card Approval

CongratsSmiley Happy
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