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Amazon Store Card CLI, yep another one

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Amazon Store Card CLI, yep another one

Seems like folks are on a roll with Amazon Store card credit limit increases, and since I'm FIRMLY planted in the garden and can't/won't apply for anything else until 2020, CLIs are the only credit card excitement I'm getting these days. SO, with scores hovering around the 700 mark and income is stagnant (I update it periodically anyway to the exact SAME number that was there before)  I pushed that love button this morning and only asked for a $1K increase from $2000 to $3000 and they surprised me with a $2k increase to $4000. I could TOTALLY spend $4k at Amazon in a week, but I won't... Smiley Happy so I'm a happy camper.


Got greedy and pushed the luv button at  Avenue (Comenity) and got a 7-10 day message, but not really caring, that card is on the chopping block anyway.  

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Re: Amazon Store Card CLI, yep another one

Congratulations on your CLI!

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