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Amazon Visa Signature Approved

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Re: Amazon Visa Signature Approved

@LegalTender wrote:

Thanks Uncle for reconfiguring the post.
MCM1, I have not applied for, nor received, a new cc in a decade so the 5/24 rule played no part.
However,  upon researching this Amazon Visa Signature (Chase branded card) what I found is it's one of the CCs that are exempt from Chase's 5/24 rule. If one has already reached 5/24 they can still be approved for this Chase card.
Credit4growth, yes I was definately feeling the deadline bearing down.

not it matters, but wondering what made u 2 apply for a card now... after a decade later when so many wonderful cards already came along in last decade?? what was the compelling reason now to apply??

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Re: Amazon Visa Signature Approved

Thanks for all the kind congradulations.



An emergency almost a decade ago resulted in some CC defaults and consequently negative TLs: all the latter aged off in 2019.

The reason for applying now is I want to improve my credit profile, and one priority among many is a higher aggregate CL (in the event I’d need to use to use them to make purchases, for example in an emergency situation). Prior to receiving this Amazon VS CC, my CL was $2k but my FICO scores were 800+/- and I PIF each month. I wasn't interested in new cards in the past decade while I had negative TLs and low FICO scores, I didn't really have much need for them.

I wrote a little more about my current credit profile and what my goals are in another thread:

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Re: Amazon Visa Signature Approved

WooHoo!! Congratulations on your Chase Approval!!👏🏼🍾🥂

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