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American Express Cash Magnet 10k SL Approved:)

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Re: American Express Cash Magnet 10k SL Approved:)

@woodyman100 wrote:

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Lol, I hear ya Raj, when you have every possible reward card out there nothing wrong with some eye candy. If I had the spare $550 I'd get a Plat just to have it but this card, $0, NOICE!


I’ve been gardening since 6/9😂.

You want to see who can go the longest?

I know my self control is a ton weaker than yours, but i’m Going for 10 months.

Fico score simulator has all 3 bureaus above 800 if I can make 10 months.

I’m at EQ747-TU780-EX771 right now.

in 10 months it’s supposed to be EQ825-TU844-EX827

Wanna be Fico pals?😁

Lol, you're on WoodySmiley Happy. Man I should have went for the 6/9 start date, who could forget there first 6/9Smiley Wink

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