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American Express Hilton Honors™ **APPROVED!

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American Express Hilton Honors™ **APPROVED!

So...I guess I'lll start my own thread on this one. As I wrote in the other AMEX honors thread...on Saturday night, I was doing some research on this very card that night.
I saw that they were changing up the program next year. And read on MyFico that there might not be a HP if you were already an AMEX member and applied. So, me being me, I went back & forth fighting the urge.

I've stayed in the Hilton brands, etc before and never even thought of Honors, etc. So, I figured I might get some use out of this program.
I then registered for a membership. Now just know that all of my reports are frozen. So, I said **** it, i'm gonna see what happens.
I opened the app link and it said, Davio, you're pre-approved. Asked for my income and something else. I entered the two pieces of info. Then I hit apply. It came back with a review notice. I assume because my reports are frozen.
I Dodged a HP and was SP approved.

Well lo and behold, today, Monday, December 4th (Jay-Z's birthday), I received an email stating: Your American Express Application was Approved! Yep, they started me off with $6,000. LoL. What am I going to do wth AMEX? They have me falling in love.

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Re: American Express Hilton Honors™ **APPROVED!

Congrats! 🍾🎉🎊

Charge wisely. Lol.

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Re: American Express Hilton Honors™ **APPROVED!

Congratulations on your recent approval!  

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Re: American Express Hilton Honors™ **APPROVED!

Sweet. For me it’s Hilton first when I’m looking to book a room. Because they usually have a bar🤪

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Re: American Express Hilton Honors™ **APPROVED!

Amazing congrats,

I am still fighting the urge because I am waiting for the new card to hit next year.  I am always on the app pages just lurking and debating, then I said to myself say in the Garden until January lol.

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