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American Express

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Re: American Express

Wish there was an app or website that was exclusive for AMEX card holders that laid out all the opportunities to gain points. Hearing about it from the grapevine or doing left work is a daunting task by itself. There must be something out there.....if anyone has a brilliant idea on something as such then I'm all ears.. .Thanks again
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Re: American Express


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Re: American Express

mine wasn't two days,  But I applied for my AMEX charge card the ZYNC card in december,  in January I appled for and was approved for the BCP card. 


I would guess that AMEX is fine with approving two or even more Charge cards in the same week, AF's don't hurt but since the cards are NPSL, where the limits can change by the minute if AMEX desired, your limit could just be shared between all charge cards, and you will never know unless you get crazy charging things, and the fact that all charge cards must be paid in full, unless you use your Pay Over Time line. 



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Re: American Express

@SouthJamaica wrote:

@Baltimore-Bully wrote:
But the perks along for both cards off set the annual fee..

Here's a question I have for you, and for many other folks who get these cards with big annual fees. And it's even a question I ask myself.


Why get a card at all if all you're going to do with it is get enough benefit from it to offset the annual fee?  Why not just skip it and get a no-fee or low-fee card, which just gives you benefits?

It's a legit question that should always be asked.


In my case, the benefits that these monster AF cards provide are ones that I personally value and can take advantage of effortlessly given my lifestyle and location. I break even organically without much thought being put into my spend. But that's with my current lifestyle; If that were to change for any reason, you can be **bleep** sure that I'll be dropping them like hot potatoes.


Hopefully OP can find just as much value from that high upfront cost, and make Amex work for him vs. the other way around.

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Re: American Express

I got an Amex platinum on the 12th of one month

Amex HH Ascend on the 20th

Amex Delta Gold on the 21st.


Why? I don't know. I wanted a spree without hardpulls. Didn't really need the cards, but oh well, I'm in the garden and will downgrade the Platinum to Gold before the 1 year mark (soon) and probably merge the other two. 


My point is, it can be done. 

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Re: American Express


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS on your AmEx Approvals!!!

The Platinum Card is on my 'must have' list!

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Re: American Express

I would advise everyone to read this.... Makes for good Credit Score read...
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Re: American Express

^ thats your typical Vantage score vs. FICO story. A lot of people see this Credit Karma score and think that its a true score across every avenue. You will find this discussion everywhere around this forum. Vantage isn't a bad scoring system, its just not widely used by lenders. 

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