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Amex 2X CLI

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Amex 2X CLI

I had my Amex CM for just over a year. I did a request a few weeks ago to take it to 30K, 3x would have been 36K, but I was scared to ask for it all. Got the 7-10 day message, which I knew was because I was not 180 days since my last 3x CLI.


Got an email from them a couple of days ago congratulating me on my year so I tried again, but only asked for 2x, instant approval to 24K. Kicking myself for not trying the 3x, but was a little gun shy and I have not really used it that much since I have other cards at 3%. Not that bummed because at 24K its now my highest limit card and they have bumped my limit 20K since I got it at a 4K SL. All an all Amex has been good to me.



Started Rebuild 4/2018: EX 616| TU 604| EQ 621

Current 5/28/20:

First Goal Score: 750+ Reached 3/2019

Next Goal all over 800
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Re: Amex 2X CLI

Congrats on your Amex increase!

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Re: Amex 2X CLI


Congrats on you're CM 2x CLISmiley Happy


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Re: Amex 2X CLI

Congratulations!!!  AMEX is the BEST in my book.  This post by you is very reassuring because I just met my 61st+ day on a new AMEX Hilton Aspire card with a low starting credit limit of $4,000 compared to the $11,500 starting cl for their Delta Skymiles Gold card they approved me for on the same day -- weird.  They actually approved me for 3 cards in total (AMEX Rose Gold NPSL) on the same night in early July of this year.


So, a couple of days ago I requested a CLI on the AMEX Aspire and requested the $4,000 to $8,000 (didn't want to try the X3), and received the dreaded 7-10 day response.  All AMEX cards are paid in full as well, but I have 5 total inquiries on my Experian since July 2019.  My gut is telling me it's a denial since I've been approved for a lot of new credit, but hope there aren't any grave implications for requesting.  FICOs are all in the solid 700s, but I worry if I tried too soon.  


At least your post gives me hope.  If I get a denial letter, I will just wait on them for an auto CLI. In past, I've been through a FR and while it was painless, I just don't want to deal with that again.  

700s club (again)!! New cards as of 7/19
AMEX PRG - NPSL ; AMEX Delta Gold $11,500; AMEX Delta Reserve $4,700; AMEX Hilton Aspire $4,000 (was an existing HH Diamond earned the hard way for many years); AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant $4,700; DiscoverIT Cashback $9,500; Neiman Marcus card $6,000 starting CL 8/2019; Saks 5th Avenue Store Card $2,250 starting CL 8/2019 & 9/2019 CLI to $6,000 (SP); Capital One Venture CL $9,500; Pre-Approved Capital One Auto Navigator at $30,000 top-tier Prime APR

Older existing cards: Capital Secured Platinum $1,302 (never graduated as C1 halted secured upgrades); US Bank secured $300 (never graduated to unsecured, but going to can before the annual fee).
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Re: Amex 2X CLI

Congrats on the sizable increase. This board has tought me to always swing for the fences when it comes to CLI requests. Next time go for 35k with confidence!
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