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Amex 3X CLI --- but confused -->

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Re: Amex 3X CLI --- but confused -->

Congrats. Counting down the days until my 61 or 62.

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Re: Amex 3X CLI --- but confused -->

Wow congrats! Someday I'll get a CLI with AMEX!
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Re: Amex 3X CLI --- but confused -->

@dallasareaguy wrote:

So my Blue Cash Preferred arrived today with it's $1,000 limit.


While I was logged in.. I started thinking about my 3X CLI denial I got at 61 days... and for whatever reason I hit the buton to apply again.. entered $15,000 and viola! Congratulations, you have been approved for $15,000 it said!


So I was approved for the card on May 24th with instant online activation and card number available.

The card arrived and I activated it on May 28th.

I applied for the 3X CLI on day 61 which was July 24th and it said letter in mail would be sent.

So today is 62 days from activation....??? Everything I read online said ... ahh who knows. I'll take the CLI... thanks Amex...


For those who usually ask on stats:


Card was 666 Experian FICO 8 when I applied for it... my score is 676 today. $120k income and I put $3000 though the Delta Gold in the first statement and PIF.... and did about $2000 on the BCE in the first 45 days... PIF on first statement. My scores suck.... but Amex likes me... ($21k in 2 months).... but Discover wont give me more than a $500 secured card. Such is life.

Very nice CLI with Amex, congrats on your success !!! Amex CLI is different than before, since it is a SP, you can try any time after 60 days. If a CLI is granted, you need to wait six months.

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Re: Amex 3X CLI --- but confused -->

Congrats to you !!!

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