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Amex 3x CLI (Credit Steps)

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Amex 3x CLI (Credit Steps)

Hi folks!


Just had success in getting the 61-day Amex 3x CLI on my BCE - from $500 to $1,500, right on the dot. I was afraid I might not be approved for the CLI, because my T&C has the credit steps language (auto-CLI after 5 statements of PIF, unless CLI'd earlier), and I was denied for the BCE a week before my eventual approval. Also, I had carried balance (0% APR promo, thankfully) for about a week past the due date (made the minimum, of course), and paid it off just two days ago.


So even with the seemingly risky behavior (I cycled the $500 twice in a month to hit the sign-up bonus), the 3x CLI seems solid still! I hoped I've provided a useful DP for those with a minimal starting CL and the credit steps language.



697 EX FICO8

AAoA 10~11 months

Solid income

No baddies, no lates


Thank you all for the very useful info! Next up is the Plat (applying within a month)!

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Re: Amex 3x CLI (Credit Steps)

Thank you very much for posting this!  DH got an Amex BCE with $500 limit a month ago and was wondering if a CLI was possible in 61 he can flag to try when the time is right.



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Re: Amex 3x CLI (Credit Steps)

Congrats!!!  I was just approved for $500 SL with BCE last week. I'm marking my calendar Smiley Happy

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Re: Amex 3x CLI (Credit Steps)

Super congrats on your 3x may you enjoy many moreSmiley Happy
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Re: Amex 3x CLI (Credit Steps)

Congrats!!!! Do you mind share data points your inq on EX ? do you have any Inq on your EX when you requested 3x CLI? Mine due 3x CLI next month but I have 6 Inq on EX so I just wondering if the Inq would be one of the factor denial for 61 days CLI with Amex. Should I wait 91 days? because 3 Inq will drops from EX, leaving only 3 left if I wait for 91 days. Thank you.

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Re: Amex 3x CLI (Credit Steps)

Hello and thanks everyone! I am super happy, and excited about more potential 3x's.

As for inquiries, I have 4 with EX atm. I honestly have no idea whether Amex looks at inquiries for CLI requests. I think they have more weight placed on their internl data? Hopefully a better learned man can help.
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Re: Amex 3x CLI (Credit Steps)

Congrats on your 3x!  If you treat them right, I suspect we'll see another similar post from you in about 6 months!  

This message is endorsed by me.  Thanks for your support.
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Re: Amex 3x CLI (Credit Steps)

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S on your approval and SL. Use it wisely and go from there.
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