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Amex 3x CLI Success!

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Re: Amex 3x CLI Success!

@Lymin wrote:

Congrats, that is great!


I can't wait to try for a CLI with AMEX. Is it a HP?

American Express is a soft pull for CLI.
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Re: Amex 3x CLI Success!

@BrutalBodyShots wrote:

@Calistal wrote:

So I went for the full 3x, expecting they'd counter (like they did last time), but, surprisingly, I've just gone from a 4k credit limit to a 12k credit limit. YAY!  I'm super pumped! Amex is now my highest credit limit!  (I'm just gonna go stand in the corner and dance, and then question why these credit card companies trust me so much Smiley Tongue)

Nicely done.  A couple of questions for you though.  One, you spoke of "last time" which implies this wasn't your first CLI on the card.  Or, perhaps you have 2 Amex cards?  If you are speaking of the same card, what was your SL and what did you ask for CL wise and were countered with $4k with?  Also, when you requested your CLI did you do it online or did you do it over the phone?  Thanks for your feedback - I'm trying to educate myself as much as possible as in 30 days I'll be going for my first ever Amex CLI (3X = goal).

I am speaking of the same card. Smiley Happy  I got the card July 4th 2015.  I asked for a CLI about 40 days later? Somewhere around there and was denied.  To be safe, I chose to wait 91 (It was probably more than that, but I wasn't keeping as careful track as I am now) days before I requested again.  My starting limit was 2k, so I asked for 6k, and they countered with 4k.  So double my limit at least.  Then I waited the 181 days and requested the 3x this time.  I requested online. I made sure my income and investment stuff (401k) was up to date before I did so.   Good luck on your future CLI request!!

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Re: Amex 3x CLI Success!

I too was elated about a weekend back, I followed the "3x AMEX formula", and no longer than I hit the button to make the request after about 10 seconds the screen smoothly moved to the next screen, with my congrats and that I had been approved. Planning on waiting another six months and trying again. So thrilled to see that the formula does work and to hear, or rather read all the great testaments to the same results from others. ^_^



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Re: Amex 3x CLI Success!

Question for those that aren't instantly approved for a 3X CLI (or any CLI requested) online with Amex.  When it moves from the screen where you enter in your CLI increase amount to the following screen, if you're denied does it say your CLI request was denied or on that screen does it show you the counter offer that you can accept/deny?

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Re: Amex 3x CLI Success!

Good to read this! I'm debating which card to request 3x on between SPG and ED in another month or two.
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Re: Amex 3x CLI Success!

Congrats to you !!

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