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Amex Approval


Amex Approval

Hi all✌🏻, long time lurker, and thank you all for posting!

Thought it was time for me to post some information.. 7bk 2012, au on 3 of exwifes cards until 2015, capital one progressive increase in 2013, 2nd capital one signature in 2016 sl 10k, Discover sl 5k 2016, 2nd Discover 10k sl 2017, Amex Blue 2k sl 2017. I gardened cards to; Capital One Signature 17500, Discover It 18200, Discover It2 8200, Amex Blue 5k (they won’t increase it when I ask, however they did increase it when they felt it needed to be).

Amex showed pre approved for 3 cards, so I chose the cash magnet and was approved with a 10k sl, and during the app process I put my name in the au user (error) and now when checking my accounts show as 2 separate accounts... maybe I will have 2 entry’s on my cr?¿ (will update you)

Now a few days later I was notified that I was pre approved for the Hilton Honors, so I was looking for a sp credit limit before pulling the trigger... it never told me... just said you were approved and cards in the mail.. 😕 so 4 days after being approved for the Cash Magnet card, I was approved for the Hilton Honors Card and never took a hit on my cr for the second app. I did have to message Amex to find out sl of 8k on the Hilton Honors Card. So I said, what the heck and checked with Capital One and I was approved for the Savor, pulling the trigger and received a 10k sl.

I will hold off for a few years on anymore cc’s and garden the cc’s I have.

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Re: Amex Approval

Congrats on the nice approvals. That’s a $28K increase in a few days. Nice!

How about your scores?

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Re: Amex Approval

TU 721
Exp 719
Eqf 691
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Re: Amex Approval

Congratulations on the approvals and your successful rebuild thus far!

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Re: Amex Approval

Thank You 👍

I think the most difficult thing has been having patience..
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Re: Amex Approval


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Re: Amex Approval

Congrats on triple approvals and nice SLs , you got some nice hauls !!!!!




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Re: Amex Approval

congratulations-gif-image-2017.gifWow thats greatSmiley LOL

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Re: Amex Approval

Congrats on the approval! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Amex Approval

Nice haul. Congrats!!
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