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Amex Approval

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Re: Amex Approval

@dpage wrote:

The PRG is what I have.

might as well get all the charge card they have...............Your wallet fill up with half of rainbow just sayin'......

Starting Score: 560
Current Score: 748 Wishlist: CSP, Simply Cash, SPG, BOLD, INK, United MP,
Goal Score: 800

Walmart: 10k |Usaa: 8k|BCE: 13k| Amex: NSPL|Dis: 9.4k|Cap: 5.5k|CAP: 2k|CSP: 13.4k| Pen:4.5k

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Re: Amex Approval




My goal is to one day get cards from AMEX, Chase, and Nordstroms Visa!! Smiley Very Happy



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