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Amex Approval

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Re: Amex Approval

Busy couple of days.  Good on you

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Re: Amex Approval

Update* I received my Authorized User Hilton Honors Card yesterday, and it shows in the app as it’s own card, as well I believe that Amex will be reporting it to the credit bureau as if I was someone else as an AU.. will update later after the bureau shows.. If my thinking is correct I should have a boost in scores 😂
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Re: Amex Approval

You ain't kidding on having patience... lol

Congrats on your financial conquests
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Re: Amex Approval

That’s a big haul for a short timeframe - nicely done!

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Re: Amex Approval

Awesome starting limits across your three new cards. Congratulations!

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First Time Amex Approval/Propel/Delta Amex/Discover It all in one day! with 248K student loans

I have to say that this is my first post. I have been researching and stalking this website for days and got comfortable and started applying for cards today.


I had a 663 credit score now shows as 648. I have 248K in student loans. I have 1 charge off as $10,000 of a car loan from 2015 and a collection of $748 for Verizon. With that being said. I was approved for a Propel Amex today for $1500 and a Discover Click it for $1200 and then a Delta Amex for $1000. Then my greedy behind got denied for an Amex green Card. I guess 3/4 ain't bad in one day. Any advice on the credit limit for the two amexs? I keep reading all these abbreviated words...  I can't do all that yet LOL. But... I want higher Amex limits. I keep reading about recon... that means reconciliation? or reconsider LOL. Should I do to get higher? Should I try to get the Green card decision turned around?


I should mention that Currently, the cards I have are:


Capitol one platinum (started as secured as $200 5 years ago now limit is $750 1 and a half year later)

Merrick bank (started as secured $500 5 years ago now the limit is $1300 a year later)

Capitol business spark ($500 balance CL December 2017 upgraded to $5500 in September 2018)


So now I get to add 3 more to the bunch! 2 low limits and one staggering $12000 discover limit. I got denied last year. I do have a Wells Fargo checking account (3) 1 joint  0 Balance as of today (1 business $36000 for 5 months now with $6700 balance) one personal checking transferred $30,000 from my business account into this account leaving the business with a $6000 balance). I 've been self-employed since March. I make a little under $5000 a month (on a good month).


I have a BMW car I pay $680 a month on, no late payments and is a new lease from Nov 2017. I am still in shock! someone pinch me! Should I try to get higher CL with Amex? can they take my card away if I ask them for a higher limit before I receive my card? 


Help, A new Amex & Discover shocked member.

@JamesB95 wrote:
Hi everyone,
I just had a major shock approval for the NFCU Amex.

I was shocked because I had a charge off Amex Blue Cash 2 years ago (made payments on time to collection agency). I've had no lates or anything since that time frame I had those lates and charge off.

A little background:
I have had a NFCU bank account for 4 years (fam) and active duty checking since 2016 (joined Air Force). I also have my first car loan refinanced 1 year ago and that now sits with NFCU, all on time payments (often pay double the min. on car, not credit cards though).

I have had a high utilization on credit cards recently, this was why I was pretty shocked on the approval and the credit limit given. I app today because I saw 0% APR offer on the website. Got approval tonight with 5,000. My highest limit has only been 2k on my last amex, and my GoRewards I've had with NFCU 2 years.

Anyways, I am shocked and happy. My scores are mid-high 600s (still recovering from past charge off and lates 2 yr ago, high
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