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Amex Approval!

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Re: Amex Approval!

Congratulations on your successful AmEx app! I have 2 AmEx cards and love them. Treat them well and they’ll reward you!
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Re: Amex Approval!

Your story sounds a lot like mine! From the divorce to the rebuild, to all the time spent reading these forums to try to learn how to turn it all around. A big congrats on the new approval! I know exactly how good that feels! But I still have you beat by one dog though!! haha Smiley LOL

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Re: Amex Approval!

@Momof2kidsand3dogs wrote:

Two years ago, I started stalking these forums.  My credit score was the lowest it's ever been due to a really nasty divorce.  560 or so across the board. 


I never posted, but I read everything everyone has had to say and studied what was working and not working for others. And slowly got things removed or fixed on my credit report. 


As of May, I'm hovering between 714-722  except with Transunion which is floating around 688 (which I am still working on. Sallie Mae says I got a loan that I didn't.  It was ex husband's)  


Today, I took a leap and applied for an amex. I was too scared to try the green checked offers in chase as I already have a card with them with a $2500 cl.   And was definitely too nervous to try the capital one pre approval I rcved cause I have a card with them with a 2k limit which was increased from 1k in feb. 


So imagine my surprise when I hit submit and saw the "congratulations, you are approved for 5k"     My plan is that this will be my bill card and  pay it off monthly. (Been doing this with the other two,  so I will add this into the mix.  


The reason I wanted to post was because I don't think you all realize how many lives you are changing and how many you are helping even when we just stalk the posts.  


There is nothing more frustrating  than making good money (71k)  and being turned down for a rental cause of your credit score.   It's worse when you know that you are in that position because you had to decided at one time between your kids eating and paying a bill. 


My ultimate goal is to get one of the travel rewards cards.  I don't know which one yet but,  I know I will get there.  


And yeah I cried typing this but you all changed my **bleep** life.  Thank you! !!!!!!!!!!

Congrats on the approval! Thank you for sharing your rebuilding story, it takes a strong will and mindset to turn life around just like you did. As for the loan, I'd suggest taking the time, gather all docs and submit a dispute (unless you already did). It's a long process and it might take a while but if it can be removed from your report, it'll be worth seeing your score jumped. Keep it up! We're all here for each other reaching their goals! Smiley Wink

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Re: Amex Approval!

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: Amex Approval!

So........... I went ahead and did the green check from chase freedom unlimited this morning and woah.

Approved instantly and they already loaded the information in my app. 😮😮😮😮

Now I'm gonna just sit back and keep an eye on things and slowly work up to a travel card. (Im not that gutsy yet). Still haven't picked the one I want but..... I can honestly say it is so nice to see what I've learned here paying off.

Did I mention you all changed my life? I think the biggest change to my mind set was using my rewards card to repeatedly pay my bills. Not only do I rack up cash back but I then pay it off when I get my paycheck.

I always grew up being told you pay all bills by (cash) checking account never charge them. So it was a real adjustment.

That setting things to autopay was a huge thinking process adjustment for me.
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