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Amex BCE CLI Approved

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Re: Amex BCE CLI Approved

youngandcreditwrthy wrote:
Congrats! I think you can submit a request online Duncan...

Amex only SPs for cli requests, right??!!?

Yes, I've always used the phone system b/c I don't trust the Amex web site.  You'll either 1) be approved for the requested amount 2) given a counter offer or 3) denied.  I've always asked for 25k (the max w/o add'l paperwork) knowing one of the three options will happen.  They will not HP unless you recon via the backdoor.


Amex keeps pretty close tabs on their cardmembers with constant SP's so maybe they're bit more lenient than others when asking for a CLI.

About $215,000 total credit among 11 cards
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