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Amex BCE, Citi Double Cash - Data Points

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Re: Amex BCE, Citi Double Cash - Data Points


awesome congratulations GIF by Slanted Studios

CONGRATS on your Approvals, the Very Nice SLs, the new house, and Welcome to the AmEx family!!!

AMEX BCE $8K | AMEX Cash Magnet $15K | Citi DoubleCash WEMC $13.7K | Citi AAdvantage WEMC $14K | Citi Costco VS $12K
Discover IT $19K | OpenSky $300 | BB&T Cash Rewards $4.5K | Synchrony (PayPal Credit $4K, Care Credit $15K, & PayPal 2% MC $10K) |
BBVA Compass Rewards VS $10.5K | NFCU cashRewards $3K | NFCU More Rewards AMEX $33.5K | NFCU Flagship VS $19K
Macy's AMEX $18K | Apple Card WEMC $6K | PenFed Power Cash Rewards VS $7.5K

TCL - $211K+ | Rebuilding since April 2018
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Re: Amex BCE, Citi Double Cash - Data Points

Congrats!  Nice SL on BCE, it'll also grow quickly!  I grew mine into a BCP and now have a $35K limit.  I like my Citi DC, never had any problems with cash back being properly credited and redemption is simple.  Citi is a tougher nut to crack with limits, mine started just over $5K and is now at $10.3K, but you can only get a SP CLI every 181 days.  Still, it's a great little card to have!

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