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Amex-BCE SLVR 10k, ask for 3x CLI?

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Re: Amex-BCE SLVR 10k, ask for 3x CLI?

it won't hurt to try?

I started with 10,000 and didn't go for the 3x I just asked for 15,000
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Re: Amex-BCE SLVR 10k, ask for 3x CLI?

There are 4 ways that AMEX does CLI's:


1. Instant approval for what you ask for

2. counter offer for a lesser amount 

3. 7-10 day review period where it's on the cusp of an approval and they go about 50/50 for an approval

4. you get a letter in the mail or online with the reasons why they won't approve


The chat reps can be iffy when it comes down to things.  They tend to err on the safe side when giving a response.  When it comes to more complicated things like a big jump CLI that ends up with a CLI they will tell you it got denied because they're not familiar with the process.  When you go for a 4506 it always shows up denied until they get the form either online, faxed, or mailed.  Once they get the form then it goes back to pending until they get the form back from the IRS and review it in underwriting.  The whole process these days take about a week or so to complete it.  


So, most of us around here know more about their business than they do sometimes. Chat is good though for asking for "offers" on your account like an APR reduction or some sort of a bonus for an upgrade to another level of a product.  Anything in depth though is best done over the phone directly with the department you're looking for.

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