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Amex BCE approved on modified terms

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Re: Amex BCE approved on modified terms

Congrats, it's great they let you in and now you can benefit from amex offers. Within a year if you find the right offers you'll save over $250 probably. Enjoy your new card.

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Re: Amex BCE approved on modified terms

Congrats on your approval!!!

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Re: Amex BCE approved on modified terms

That's amazing

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Re: Amex BCE approved on modified terms



This is a new program and I think its still in a "pilot" phase.


They are targeting the counter offer to folks that are in a rebuilding stage and their credit profile indicates an improvement trend.


I think this a great program and Im hoping that Amex will allow you to grow this card and open the door to other Amex products.



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Re: Amex BCE approved on modified terms


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Re: Amex BCE approved on modified terms

@Alleycat2003 wrote:
Hi All,

Here's something interesting. I apped last night for the BCE and initially it was denied, however the denial letter stated they could not offer me the into apr, or welcome bonus. However they could offer me the BCE with a $500 credit limit and everything else would be the same. They said if I was interested to contact them at a phone number. I called this morning and spoke to a rep and he said about 60 days ago they. (Amex) started a new program to let people in on certain modified terms. I was like "yes, I'll accept the card on modified terms" and so I was approved!! I'm now in with Amex.. Never been with them before!! So excited!!

Very interesting, indeed!   Congrats on your approval, OP!

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