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Amex BCE

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Amex BCE

So back in September a friend at work was on CK so I decided to sign up to see just how terrible my score was.  No score at all.  Waited a couple more months, still no score.  Hmmm, decided since I had been using Amazon quite a bit I'd try for the store card.  Denied & gave up looking.  January, my home catches fire and lose everything in the bedroom and bathroom to the fire and a lot of other things throughout due to smoke damage.  Clothes were pretty much all wiped out.  Stayed at a hotel in town for a week & went to Kohl's to get some clothes.  Lady at the counter asked if I wanted to apply for the Kohl's card.  I told her not to even bother because my credit is shot.  She said she'd still take the $20 off the order so I said knock yourself out.  $300 limit.  Jaw smashed onto the floor.  About two weeks later I'm checking CK again and come across the famous "Fair Approval" for a Cap1 Plat.  Tried it, $300.  In March I decided to try for a Waly card (by this time CK started showing some scores).  Waly approved for $400 & Fingerhut $130 Freshstart.  I heard that after 3 months is a decent time to try a cli with cap1.  Now up to $400 on that and CK spiked up 40 points to the 660's. 

    Checked Credit Sesame which had a fair approval for Amex BCE & BCP.  I read that they typically only pull from Exp & my TU already has 3 hits (surprisingly Waly must've been a SP somehow because it still hasn't shown up anywhere as a HP).  Figured why not.  Even though I have NO Fico score yet and won't get one for probably another couple of months.  Sent the app and they wanted more info online so I gave them more info.  Please give us 2-5 business days to decide (something like that anyway).  This was Friday I think.  Right there I figured it was a huge no and they ended up pulling from all 3 CB's.  Today at work I got an email that said I was approved.  Cool, so I figured it's probably another $200-400 limit.  Finished the online registration and got into my account to see that they were obviously smoking or drinking something because it said I have a CL of $5,000.  Nearly spit soda all over the computer at work when I saw that lol.  I guess I don't have to worry about how I'm going to get a washer & dryer and a refrigerator now.  I was NOT expecting that at all.

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Re: Amex BCE

CongratsSmiley Happy Amex likes to smoke the green and drink the blueSmiley Wink
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Re: Amex BCE

Thanks a lot!  I see that lol.  Might have to try for a different Amex sometime down the line when my scores get higher.  Discover IT cashback is kind of my goal but I think I have a ways to go for that.

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Re: Amex BCE

Sorry about your fire. They say "when one door closes, another one opens" ...Congrats on the fresh start with a bunch of new credit.  

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Re: Amex BCE

Congrats, thats a great SL.     Sorry to hear about the loss, but at least you have a way to replace some of the stuff now. 

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