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Amex BCP 61 Day CLI Approved


Re: Amex BCP 61 Day CLI Approved

bichonmom wrote:

Credit profile means your FICO score, any baddies, your AAoA (average age of accts), other CCs, utilization %, etc. it helps others to know how they might do when we can compare our credit stats to someone who was successful. 


I don't check my FICO scores that often (I pull my free annual credit reports, one every four months).  The last time I checked my scores through My FICO was four years ago, and they were 837 (Experian), 812 (Equifax), and 788 (Transunion).  When I was a teenager (over 30 years ago), my parents added me as a user on one of their credit cards (that was opened in 1967).  That card is included on my Experian credit report (but not on the other two), which is one reason that score is so high.


I don't have any baddies.


My oldest account (not counting the 1967 card mentioned above) was a credit card opened in 1991.  My most recent (not including my new Amex) is my mortgage (opened in 2005).

I had two credit cards (Visa and MC) prior to opening the Amex.  I don't have department store or gas cards, and I don't have auto loans (I buy cars very infrequently and pay cash).


My utilization is very low.  I charge a total of $2,000 per month or less and pay the balance in full every month.


I hope that helps others on here.  Also, I want to give everyone on this board a big "thank you."  I hadn't heard of the 61 day CLI untill reading about it here.  I never would have known to call otherwise.

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