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Amex BCP Approved!


Re: Amex BCP Approved!

kwinks wrote:

Hi congrats!


i applied for both cards together and got approved for both....our scores are almost identical so I think you should just get it over with....


btw I'm 20 too! A lot of people still don't believe I got the csp and bcp lol 

Hopefully I'll have same luck as you guys! 


Im waiting  for payments I've made to update to the CRAs (decreased from 12% util to 4% uril) then I'll apply for CSP. Wish me luck!  And congrats to you both! 

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||| Chase Sapphire Preferred 2013 -- $10,000

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Re: Amex BCP Approved!

drew11 wrote:

Haha you're right 61 days, my bad! Well I've got to hand my success to the members and information on this board (except for the penfed, I have my mother to thank for cosigning my very first credit card)!


My current plan is to use the BCP as my primary card for the next two months to hopefully succeed in the 3x CLI to 6k. Once the 6k CL posts, I'm going to apply for my last dream card, CSP.


Should I wait 6 months until this Amex inquiry ages a bit and my scores can recover or would you guys recommend applying right away once the 6k begins posting to the CRA's?




I would wait until after you receive the $6k CL and it starts reporting for a few months. Because the CSP has a minium of $5k limit and Chase likes to see how you handle that kind of limit beforehand, so the $6k on the BCP will defenitly help you with that. Just be a little patient and you will get it!

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Re: Amex BCP Approved!

Congrats! Just received mine in the mail last week. Nice looking card.

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Re: Amex BCP Approved!

Congrats, own them groceries ! ha!


and kwinks:


Hehe, I know how that feels, people wondering how people so young can get the cards.. I tell them, myFICO. The credit world is really finicky sometimes, but with myFICO here, anything is possible.

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Re: Amex BCP Approved!

Where do you go to apply for the Zync Card for Amex?



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Re: Amex BCP Approved!

Congrats! 2K now and then hopefully 6K after 61 days

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Re: Amex BCP Approved!

@civil: The Amex Zync was discontinued in 10/12. It cannot be obtained anymore, the closest now would be Amex Green for getting in the door so to speak.

Unfortunate as I use the heck out of mine and still think it's a great card.
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Re: Amex BCP Approved!

Yea, while I think my scores are similar to those that have posted here who have been accepted for the CSP, my lower income, short AAoA, and no credit limits around $5k would all be reasons that Chase could easily deny me. Because of that, I want to make sure I minimize any chances of a denial and, seeing as I have no rush for the CSP now and want to only book travel for the summer of 2014, I don't mind waiting 6 months from now once I have gotten the BCP increased as well as attempting to get any SP CLIs on my other cards.

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Re: Amex BCP Approved!

The Zync card isn't available anymore.

I got the BCE as well this month, for $4k, and the SPG for $5.5k (along with about four others for signup bonuses and rewards, mainly from Chase and one from Citi, the one from Citi for balance transfer/rate chasing) and they pulled Experian for me, 707 on one, 708 on the other. MyFico shows 643[!] EQ - dropped due to about 30% UTL, I think, 717 TU, with an AAoA of maybe 6 months - and I'm 23, but my income is quite a bit higher (double - $72k and $25k in capital gains) and I have half a mil in investments. Still, they took my word for it (for now, at least), although I expect an FR or at least mini-FR in the near future (probably in 61 days [edit: limits were successfully tripled with no FR yet]) to verify such. Cap One still won't raise my $500 limit, and Fifth Third tried to give me a $300 credit card when I called to close my $300 Fifth Third credit card. Now, that is one horrid bank.

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Re: Amex BCP Approved!

Its too bad about the Zync, I was hoping to use it to increase my AAoA.. Smiley Sad

TU08:: 754 (4/14) EQ: 745 (6/14) 753 (1/13) Ex: 766 (12/11)
Goal: 800! Then Keep it there and keep growing!~
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