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I've been sitting at $50k on this card for a while, so I decided to try for another CLI online a couple of weeks ago. I asked for a $25k increase, so $75k total and got the income verification request. I thought I might get out of it because I previously did the income verification to get to $50k in the first place. Anyway, submitted the form and found out that the CLI was approved today. I guess I should have asked for $100k!

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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Very nice CL and increase!  You must buy a lot of groceries Smiley Wink

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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Very nice increase, congrats.

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Re: Amex BCP CLI

OMG. That’s like almost unheard of. All I can say is a whole bunch of us MyFICOers are bowing down to you.

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Re: Amex BCP CLI

That's A LOT. Congrats on an awesome CLI!

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Re: Amex BCP CLI

You must be L Smiley Wink If you have the income shoot for the moonSmiley Wink
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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Congratulations on your CLI!

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Re: Amex BCP CLI

..........................................................OMG!!!!!!!!!! Thats crazy, im super shocked on your CLI!Smiley SurprisedSmiley SurprisedSmiley Surprised

Congrats though!!!!! I honestly will never see that high of a credit line EVER!!!!!Smiley LOL

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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Nice.....Nice....Very Nice!!!!   Congrats!!! Looks like you can shoot for that 100K in 6months! 

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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Congrats! I just did the 3x CLI from $5k to $15k, but nothing like yours! Do you mind me asking about the income verification process and what they look at? To get such a large credit limit do you need to have a pretty good amount of income? Thanks in advance!

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