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Well, this turned out okay. Last weekend, thinking I'd gotten past 6 months since my last CLI, I submitted a request for 18K. Denied. Then, I submitted a request for 12K. Denied. Then, I called a CSR and she told me that my six month anniversary was actually 12/6 and that I should wait a couple of days beyond that. In the interim, I made sure to bring my BCP balance back to zero. Unfortunately, during that wait-time my TU and EQ numbers sank when my Chase balances got reported. For some odd reason, my Experian number went up 18 points.

This morning, I re-upped at CCT and saw that Experian was holding fast, but EQ had sunk once again. I decided to pull the trigger as fast as I could. Knowing there was no chance of my getting the 18K I decided to apply for 12K. Then, as I was applying, I just decided to shoot the moon and go for the full 3X.

Granted. 6K > 18K 


Mod note:  I've updated your subject to reflect your approval; feel free to change/edit if you would like.  --UB

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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Well done, congrats!!

Amex Gold =Amex ED 20k = Amex BCP 14k = Amex SPG Lux 2k = Arrival 2k = Ring 14k = BOA 321 30k = BOA BBR 10k = CSR 25k = Freedom 10k = Citi Simplicity 9k = Citi DC 5k = Citi DP 3k = DCVR IT 15k = DCVR MILES 7k = CAP1 QS 15k = NFCU CR24k/AE25k/CLOC 15k = BBVA 14k = Wells Plat. 5k = (2) US Bank Cash+ 9k, 14k

FICO scores TU 764 EX 739 EQ 745
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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Congrats on your increase! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Congrats on the increase!

Total Credit: $240,100Credit Utilization: 1%AAoA: 5 years, 7 monthsInstallments: Car Lease, Marcus LoanNegatives: 0

LOWES-35k | BOA-32.5k | AMEX-30k | DISC-27.1k | ALLIANT-25k | NFCU-25k | BARC-15k | BBUY-12k | CHASE-10k | WAL-10k | CITI-9.7k | PENFED-9.7k

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Re: Amex BCP CLI


Biz Cards
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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Congratulations on your CLI!

Starting Scores FICO 8 (Feb '18):
EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545

Current Scores

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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Congrats! Still waiting for the 26th to request. Did you have to provide your income info?
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Re: Amex BCP CLI

Well done! I'm coming up on my six month anniversary, and I hope to achieve the legendary 3X CLI as well.


Your experience gives us all hope!


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