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Amex Blue cash approved!

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Amex Blue cash approved!

Just got approved for an Amex Blue Cash with a SL of 5k!


A little back story...


Years ago, I had an Amex Zync charge that went unpayed and was charged off. Fast forward a few years and I joined the military and got my **** in order. I payed off my debt that I owed Amex and waited for a month. I apped for an AMEX ED and was instantly approved for 1K. A few months later I apped for a Platinum and PRG and was also instantly approved. Being a service member I am exempt from yearly fees per SCRA. Just about a month ago I got my first 3x cli for my ED and now I got approved for a BC for 5k! Its been a long time coming but my hard work is paying off. I couldn't have done it without the help of this site.


My data points: EXP inquries 2, ULT 10%, 677 FICO 8

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Re: Amex Blue cash approved!

Congrats and thank you for your service; seems like you’re on Amex’s good side, the next cli can be on that 5k card!
Kind of have everything I want now, creditwise. Undeliberately gardening until I have some spending to do and find a 100,000 Amex Platinum offer lol

Started my credit journey August 2016, after abstaining from credit for years after some poor financial choices in high school. Started with scores in the 580s. Current scores 11/6/18 - EQ: 754 TU: 757 EX: 743

From oldest to newest: DuPage CU Visa Platinum, SL 500 now 3750, Cap1 Platinum SL 300 PC'd to QS now 1600, Alliant Credit Union Share Secured Loan $500, Amex BCE SL 5000 now 600, Neiman Marcus SL 700 now 10000, Target RedCard SL 400 now 2900, Amex ED SL 10000 now 500 (combined with Cash Magnet), Chase AARP SL 800 now 3300, Chase Amazon Prime SL 1000 now 10000, Honda Lease, Discover it SL 1000 now 7000, Synchrony PayPal 2% CB SL 3000 now 10000, Barclays Uber Visa SL 800 now 2100, Citi ThankYou Preferred SL 3300 now 5300, Chase Ritz-Carlton SL 10000 now 1500 (moved to other cards to get annual fee refund), Comenity Total Rewards Visa SL 2000 now 3250, US Bank Cash+ SL 500 recon'd to 10000, US Bank Reserve LOC 1000, Union Bank Rewards Visa SL 5000 now 5000, Amex Cash Magnet SL 9900 now 20000, Cap1 Venture SL 10000 now 10000, Discover it 3000 SL now 4000, Amex SPG Luxury 3100 SL now 3100, Amex Amazon Business Prime 10000 SL now 10000, Amex Gold NPSL, US Bank Premier LOC 5000, US Bank Visa Platinum 5400 SL currently reconning

Combined revolving CL $135,300

Goal: Spring 2019 800+ club, $50,000 combined Amex limit
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Re: Amex Blue cash approved!

Congrats!!! Your hard work paid off! Thank You for your service!

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Re: Amex Blue cash approved!

Bravo ZuluSmiley Happy
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Re: Amex Blue cash approved!

hey joe , take a break from bord

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Re: Amex Blue cash approved!

Congratulations on your new AMEX card! And thank you for your service as well.

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Re: Amex Blue cash approved!

Congrats! Love how AmEx treats is members well!

3/16/18 FICO9 TU-700 EQ-669 EX-716
6/26/18 FICO9 TU-750, EQ-672, EX-789

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