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Amex Cash Magnet 15K SL approval, Previously Blacklisted

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Re: Amex Cash Magnet 15K SL approval, Previously Blacklisted

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@JR_TX wrote:
Congrats on that massive Amex BL graduation and approval! Awesome SL too!
By the way I’m assuming Amex CO’d your acct prior to your BK. Was it sometime in 2008 if you could still remember?
I’m trying to put pieces together as the prevailing DP of the Minimum 10 YR BL if Amex burned for $5K or less.

Why yes it was CO'd in 2008 and it was for sum of around 5-6k if i recall.   i was honestly shocked that they approved me for another card so soon.  i've read many posts saying they've been waiting 20+ years and still not able to get back in with Amex.  

Hey thanks for that info! 

I’ve actually done a lot of Amex BL reading for years now and one DP that stands out on all those that got back in with them on or just about past the 10 Yr mark is that they only burned Amex for around $5K or less (Didn’t pay back a penny). 

Amex also CO’d my acct in 2008 and I IIB’d them in 2011. Not expecting to get back in with them in this life as I burned them quite heavily!

Fingers and Toes crossed for you Smiley Happy

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