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Amex Delta Gold - 3X CLI - Approved

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Amex Delta Gold - 3X CLI - Approved

I finally decided to see if Amex would grant me a 3X CLI after no success with such a request in the past. Last year with my BCE (opened 04/2017), I attempted a 3X CLI twice. Both were denied. Note, that card started out with a $500 SL and “credit steps” so I understood. Eventually, I was granted the auto 2X CLI associated with “credit steps.”

The Gold Delta (opened Oct 2017) was approved a few weeks before my auto-steps increase at a SL of $2800. I decided I wasn’t going to request a CLI for a long time. Well, today was the day and it was granted at $8400. The last SP on file was used with a EX Fico 8 of 740.

For some DPs, I don’t run too much through the card. My last purchase was about $800 in airfare back in March which I paid in full while it was still pending. My PRG was opened in April and I ran about $2500 through it in 30 days. Most of my Amex spend will be on that card. I’m closing my BCE at some point because of the delayed rewards structure and the payout increments. I’ll likely open an Everyday (Preferred) card at some point.

May has been a good month with a $41K increase in TCL. Thanks as always to the board for the great deal of data points, info, and personal experiences.

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Started this credit game with $8400 TCL in 04/17 now I'm at $150K+.
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Re: Amex Delta Gold - 3X CLI - Approved

Congrats!! I was approved for a ED in "Credit steps" but I had a SL of $5k. I Should be ok with double that. I am looking to add another Amex card soon so this post gives me hope.
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Re: Amex Delta Gold - 3X CLI - Approved

Congrats on CLI 3x ... cant wait for mine

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Re: Amex Delta Gold - 3X CLI - Approved

congrats, I've had my delta AMEX since July 2017, I applied for CLI twice and was denied, ill wait until after July and try again
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Re: Amex Delta Gold - 3X CLI - Approved

Congrats PointsSmiley Happy. Lol, I cant get any Amex luv either. I'm almost at my 25 buck redemption and after that I'm gonna sd my BCE. I've found when your spend is low, cards with redemption thresholds just aren't worth it to me. Congrats on getting 3xSmiley Happy
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