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Amex Delta Gold Approval - Chances of CLI After 60?

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Amex Delta Gold Approval - Chances of CLI After 60?

Well, I am somewhat kicking myself for falling out of the garden, but I went for the Amex Delta Gold and was approved for $5K.  I fly Delta from time to time and liked the idea of waived baggage fees and priority boarding.  


I am wondering if anyone has an opinion or experience they can share in regard to my chances of a CLI after the 60 day mark, based on my current profile with Amex.  I have the ED with a CL of 38K and an Optima with a CL of about $12K, so that already puts me at $50K with Amex.  I pay both cards off each and every month, before the statement cuts.  I am wondering if there is much of a chance of a CLI given that I already have a total credit line with Amex of $50K, plus the $5K on the Delta Gold.  I am assuming that this is getting into the FR territory, or is it possible that I may get an increase?




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Re: Amex Delta Gold Approval - Chances of CLI After 60?

I may be remembering wrong, but I thought the FR was for an individual account with Amex, not overall.
5k is a good starting limit for the Delta. Since you have good history with them I would think you could get some good growth with it. If not, possibly move some of your ED limit?
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