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Amex Delta Gold approved

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Amex Delta Gold approved

I had a 60k mile for $1k spend SUB offer that was about to expire so I applied even though I wasn't in a great hurry for the card (no DL flights coming up). Instant approval for $10k. I've been wanting this card for group 1 boarding since even in group 2 I've had to involuntarily check my carryon. Free checked bag is nice too, but I probably won't use that much, I only check on about 10-20% of my flights.


That's my second new Amex this month (ED for $19.3k) and I also upgraded my Classic Gold to the the Gold this month. The only other Amex that I have my eye on is the Hilton Ascend for both the SUB and Hilton Gold status. I think I've read that Amex limits to two new cards per 90 days so I'll wait a little on that one. The SUB I see at Hilton is 130k points for $2k spend, Amex shows 125k points. Has anyone seen better offers? I'm in no huge hurry so I can wait a while and see if they send me anything.

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Re: Amex Delta Gold approved

Congrats on the approvals!

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Re: Amex Delta Gold approved

Congrats on the approval OP. 

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Re: Amex Delta Gold approved

Very nice OP. Congratulations.

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Re: Amex Delta Gold approved

Dude! What's my Amex tat say ???

Sweet!!! Whats mine say?


No and then.......Smiley Happy
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Re: Amex Delta Gold approved

COngrats on your approval and very nice SL !!!!



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Re: Amex Delta Gold approved

Congratulations on you approval and a very nice SL/SUB!!

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Re: Amex Delta Gold approved

Congratulations on your approval! Awesome SL!

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Re: Amex Delta Gold approved

Right on.  I applied and was approved for a 13k starting limit and they moved 5k over from my BCP card without asking me.  It was weird.  Not a huge fan of the rewards from the Delta Gold program.  I just wanted to get it for the 60k bonus miles and the 200 off on my tickets when I booked.  I'll give it a few years, if the $95 a year aren't worth it i'll probably cancel the card.

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Re: Amex Delta Gold approved

Congratulations on your approval!

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