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Amex Delta Platinum APPROVAL!

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Amex Delta Platinum APPROVAL!

Hello everyone!


First of all I'd like to thank everyone in this forum for their huge help!


Second of all I was just approved for the Delta Platinum card with 10k CL!

That pushes my TCL to 50k+!!!!!!!!!

I'm really glad that Amex loves me especially after they approved me last month for the Schwab Investor card with 15k CL!


I applied for the card after reading about their new SUB of 75k miles and 5k MQMs after 3k spending. However, I used my own referral link and found another SUB for 70k miles and 10k MQMs after 3k spending. Ofc I went with the referral SUB since the 10k MR that I'll get from the referral are worth more than the 5k miles.



I guess they used the FICO they're showing in the app: 709 EX with 20 HP

Income: ~95k

AoOA: 7 Mo

AAoA: 5 Mo


Anyone knows how the companion certificate and how Delta's status system works?


PS. I really wish I applied for the Delta Gold since the SUB is slightly less but the card has 0 AF for the first year (in total I'd be getting the same value for less spending). Also, since I usually travel with a backpack only, Amex gold gives me more points compared to this card, but I wish the companion pass will help offset the AF.

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Re: Amex Delta Platinum APPROVAL!

sweet SL im still in limbo on a amex product im pre approved for a few of their cards but not sure i like the low SL they are showing on the pre qual site ill garden for a while...

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Re: Amex Delta Platinum APPROVAL!

Congrats on your approval and nice SL!!
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Re: Amex Delta Platinum APPROVAL!



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Re: Amex Delta Platinum APPROVAL!

Congrats on your Delta Plat approval! Just got the card myself last month and already met the signup bonus. 


I understand what you are saying about the Gold having a lower annual fee. But, if you can make use of the companion ticket, then it is a good deal! 

"Hover mouse over cards to see CL and APR info"

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Re: Amex Delta Platinum APPROVAL!

Congratulations on your approval!

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