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Amex EDP 40 day 3x cli...

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Amex EDP 40 day 3x cli...

Got my Amex EDP with an 8k limit 40 days ago today. Read through the 61 day hype but saw many data points that stated it could easily be done before,


Opened Aug 12, 1 statement has cut, 4 x $400 payments with PIF at cut date, currently have $300 on the card. Went for it...approved for $24k.


EX fico 8 at approval was 757, today its 787. EDP account hasn't even hit my report yet...


So happy...this has been icing on the cake for my rebuilding.

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Re: Amex EDP 40 day 3x cli...

Nice! Congrats!


I applied for that card just this past month and got approved for a starting limit of $2300. I've been using it for more or less everything. Love it!

Not sure if I should've applied sooner cause I wasn't sure if I would've gotten approved, but maybe I should ask for the CLI around the 60 day mark also. Hmmm...

FICO 08 Scores (as of October 2017) - Equifax: Unknown | Experian: 742 | TransUnion: 761 | GARDENING until December 2018
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Re: Amex EDP 40 day 3x cli...

Great Limt Congrats !

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