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Amex Gold Delta and Discover It Pre Approvals...

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Amex Gold Delta and Discover It Pre Approvals...

Hey everyone! I'm super new to this forum (well, I've lurked on here from time to time since last year) and I wanted to share my happy news with you all. While it may not be much to some, it means the world to me right about now and I don't think I would've had the guts to do it had I not been encouraged by so many on this site. 


Brief history, 1 year ago this time I was sitting on a 505 FAKO credit score. YES 505 (dumb and poor college kid *Smiley Sad*)!! After putting some elbow grease into my credit game (and a full time job, lol), I now have a 668 FAKO. 


Tonight, I was feeling adventurous after some forum surfing and decided to check a couple of prequal CCs. Checked Discover and AMEX. I was preapproved for both with a single APR and no range. The Discover APR was a whopping 20% after 14 months at 0% but I was willing to go for it anyway as I plan to PIF each month. Approved for $4000 limit. OMG, I SCREAMED. Content for the day, I surfed through more forums and that AMEX preapproval kept itching away  - although even with the pre approval, I was still very hesitant to apply. I already have a corporate charge card through AMEX but figured that would have no impact on a personal card. Anywho, something came over me and I applied, expecting a denial and what did I get?? The dreaded 14 day message. I immediately called and the rep stated that they wanted to verify it was really me and so we did. Still nothing. Told me I'd get a letter about proving my address and should manually send in the documents it asked for in order to be considered. I thanked her and moved on. But something just wouldn't let me rest, so I called again. This time I spoke to a gentleman who told me that they are "not meaning to offend" me but they are having to take extra steps to prove it is me. Makes sense because around October, I had my wallet stolen and called Amex for a new corporate card and let them know the issue. So I guess it was somewhere in between that time and now that I got my new phone number which led to another hiccup - whoops. He said that I should have received a reference number on my trusted phone number to help push the process along. Welllll, I didn't. Now the rep sounds skeptical about me so I think to quickly say the old phone number and let him know that I now have a new phone number that I *thought* I updated on Amex's website. He opens up a little then and asks if the last rep confirmed my DL info, which she didn't. He then had me read the last  4 of my DL #, my current address, and info about my corporate card. THEN *drumroll* he says "Congrats, Ms. xxx, you are now an Amex member" I DIEDDDD, haha. And for my "troubles" they're rushing the card at no additional fee. Amex Gold Delta CL of $1k Smiley Happy 


From a 505 to a Discover & Amex in just a year is astounding to me and I couldn't have done it without you all on this site. I can't wait to join that 700 club!


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Re: Amex Gold Delta and Discover It Pre Approvals...

Awesome job! Now go get those SkyMiles!
Welcome to the AMEX family.

In 61 days increase that Delta Gold to 3k
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Re: Amex Gold Delta and Discover It Pre Approvals...

Thanks and will do!!! Feels great to be part of the family Smiley Happy

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Re: Amex Gold Delta and Discover It Pre Approvals...

Major league congrats!

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Re: Amex Gold Delta and Discover It Pre Approvals...

 Congrats on the approvals. Welcome to families.  Awesome job pulling up your score.

You have to start somewhere, so HERE is THERE
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Re: Amex Gold Delta and Discover It Pre Approvals...

Congrats on both approvals! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Amex Gold Delta and Discover It Pre Approvals...

Awesome jobSmiley Happy
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Re: Amex Gold Delta and Discover It Pre Approvals...

Woo hoo!!  Way to go!  You have come a long way and well deserved approvals.  Take care of your new cards!

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