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Amex Hilton Aspire 15K CLI -->$32K

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Re: Amex Hilton Aspire 15K CLI -->$32K

@PullingMeSoftly wrote:

After coming off some much needed vacation time, and staying internationally at a couple Hilton destinations, I've been using my Aspire card quite a bit lately. Also have my DS using this card for tuition and uncategorized school spend. All of this has coincided with my 6-month CLI interval, so it was time to take a spin on the wheel...


Approved for a 15K increase, bringing the total limit to $32,000.


Past CLI history:

  • 1/2019: SL $3,100
  • 8/2020: +$6.2k ($9,300)
  • 7/2022: +$7.7k ($17,000)
  • 1/2023: +$15k ($32,000)


Amex Hilton Aspire CLI 2023-01-25.png


Very pleased with this increase, as I can move a couple k to my BCP and have some UTL padding when I do future Hilton vacations. Total Amex exposure is now at 50K, so I'll likely just do 5K increases every 6 months from here on out.


Thanks @simplynoir for the cli app link that you posted a while back, that was clutch since I wasn't seeing the option in my account interface.


Thanks again @JoeRockhead@SouthJamaica, and @OmarGB9 for the helpful feedback in the applications thread, cheers!


Congratulations on the increase! Smiley Happy


Thanks too for sharing the DPs including the progression of the CL growth.8

(+102) | (+106) | (+151)
| TU Fico 9: ? | Exp Fico 9: ? | EQ Fico 9: ?| EQ Fico 8 Bankcard: TBA

Initial Goal: Min. 740 w/all CRAs - Met
Interim Goal: 780 w/all CRAs - Met
Current Goal(s): Min. 800 w/all CRAs
Gardening Until: ??/??/202?| Last App: 10/20/2023

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Re: Amex Hilton Aspire 15K CLI -->$32K

Congrats on that awesome increase. Gotta love when Amex doles out some cli love. I'm also just over 50K exposure with them so I'll probably play it safe here out. I have no burning need for more. 

Avoided credit cards after ruining my financial health but got back into the game in 2019 after a 20 year hiatus
Total Revolving CL- $204,500 | Order of Opened Cards
Delta SkyMiles Blue- SL-$1K | CL- $22.6K
(pc'd from SkyMiles Platinum back to Blue)
Delta SkyMiles Reserve- SL- $10K | CL- $20K
Chase Sapphire Reserve- SL $20K | CL- $39K
Cap 1 Venture Rewards- SL $10K | CL $ 19.5K
Amex Everyday Preferred- SL $13.1K | CL $10K ( moved some limits around )
Chase Freedom Unlimited: SL $23.4K| CL $36.8K
BOA Unlimited Cash SL: $20.8K| CL $10.8K(moved some limits around)
BOA Travel Rewards SL: $20.8K | CL $5.8K(moved some limits around)
Amex Blue Cash Everyday SL: $10K
Amex Green Card: NPSL / POT: 17K
BOA BankAmericard: SL: $5K | CL: $30K
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Re: Amex Hilton Aspire 15K CLI -->$32K

Congrats on your AMEX Hilton Honors Aspire CLI

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