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Amex Hilton Surpass CLI

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Amex Hilton Surpass CLI

Waited 62 days and just got an increase from 5k to 15k approved. Got my card back in July with pretty much the same score as it is now. Have not applied for any other cards since. Been PIF each month. My current card utilization is about 50% of my limit. I thought about PIF before asking for the request but got excited so went ahead. Since getting the card I've been putting a lot of small transactions on it every day (Ubers, taxis) and 4 flights.


Bonus, I also got my 150k Hilton points bonus for spending 3k in the first 90 days (I believe this offer now is at 130k for 4k$ spending in first 4 months). 

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Re: Amex Hilton Surpass CLI

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Re: Amex Hilton Surpass CLI


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Re: Amex Hilton Surpass CLI

Congrats on your 3x increase!!
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