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Amex SPG Approval

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Amex SPG Approval

Thought I was blacklisted so I’ve been apping Amex soft pulls every 60 days or so just to see what happens, well, apparently I’m off the list:

Approved for the SPG SL $8000
Experian HP; already got an alert.

I’m officially done apping until my 5/24 dissolves sometime in 2020. I want the Sapphire Reserve 😜
Scores TU 723 EQ 705 EX 729
FAKO TU 753 EQ 747 EX 738
Inquiries 8-10 across.
UTI 13% AAoA 2.4
No baddies
Total CL $103800
Almost AZEO
Revised goal 2018 $125k

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Re: Amex SPG Approval

congratsSmiley Happy nice CL

Penfed gold 10k Penfed Promise 10K Home depot 7K Wayfair 8500 Macys 5K Amazon prime 6000 Walmart 6000 Citi simplicty 2800 NFCU rewards 2500 Discover 1500 AMEX 1000 AMEX hilton 1000
FICO 8 TU 724 EXP 724 EQ?
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Re: Amex SPG Approval

Congratulations on your new card!

FICO 08 Scores (Mar-18): TU 796, EQ 798, EX 789

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Re: Amex SPG Approval

Congrats on the new SPG!! Enjoy!
Current Fico 8 Scores:

Credit Goal:

Gardening until September 2018

Current Cards:

Wish List:

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Re: Amex SPG Approval

Congrats!! I was recently told by Amex that I will not receive a CLI on my SPG card as long as my 2012 BK is still on my report. Wow.....Got approved 11/2017 requested Increase 2/2018

Scores 05/11/2018 EQ Fico 8 [698] 28 Inqs, EX Fico 8 [662] 12 Inqs, TU Fico 8 [668] 18 Inqs.
Gardening since 03/18/2018.
EQ-Fico 8 [699] EX-Fico 8 [639] TU-Fico 8[652]
UTI 17% DCU Rewards Visa 10K, USAA Platinum Visa 2K, Costco Visa $5.5K, NFCU AMEX $15K, Wells Fargo Cash Wise 7.5K, Barclays AAdvantage MC $5K, NFCU GoRewards 10K, BofA Travel rewards 5.5k, BofA Americard 5.5k, Home Depot Commercial 1k, Best Buy Visa 10k, ExxonCard $1500, PenFed Visa Sig 6k, NFCU CLOC 10K, Boscov's 5.3K, Overstock 3k, Sportmans $300, Amex BCE $500, Amex SPG 3K, BarClay Arrival $2k, DiscoverIT 9k, AmazonCard 5k, PayPal MC 5K, BarclayRewards 3.8K, CapOne Silver 16.5K, Lowes Credit 10K, Wal-Mart Store Card 6K, Wayfair 4.9K
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Re: Amex SPG Approval

Congrats on the approval, nice limit too. 

Starting Score-(01/2017): FICO ||EX:575--EQ:549--TU:588||
Current Score--(04/2018): FICO ||EX:686--EQ:697--TU:715||

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Re: Amex SPG Approval


Gardening until June 2019

Starting FICOs: EX 623, EQ 589, TU 600 (06/10/17)
Current FICOs: EX 701, EQ 672, TU 700 (06/14/18)
1st Goal FICOs: EX 750, EQ 750, TU 750 (??/??/??)
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Re: Amex SPG Approval

Nice slSmiley Happy

Gardening since 6/13/18
Goal: No hps or cli requests at least til 1/1/19, 7/13/20 preferable
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Re: Amex SPG Approval

Congrats on the approval.  My SPG is my go-to card for non category spend.  Enjoy it!

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Re: Amex SPG Approval

Congrats on the approval. I'm in the garden with you until 2020 for the Sapphire Reserve as well.

You have to start somewhere, so HERE is THERE
Starting FICO 8 Score: 2-20-18 EQ 729 TU 698 EX 665
FICO 8 Score Upon entering the Garden: 3-14-18 EQ 719 TU 724 EX 681
Recent FICO 8 Score: 4-1-18 EQ 714 TU 721 EX 669
Goal Score: 750 across the board
The Good: all accounts current; utilization 8%
The Bad: 8 - 30 day lates (2013-2017); 3 60 day lates (2014-2016)
The Ugly: ONE CO 2014 - reporting as current CO on EXP (in dispute)

In the garden until March 2020
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