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Amex & Venmo Approval

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Amex & Venmo Approval

After a year of not applying to new cards, I came out of the Garden as I pre-qualified and was approved for my first Amex last night. I pulled the trigger and got approved for The Hilton Honors Credit Card; sadly, they gave me the dreaded $1000 SL. Still, I am finally in and am really excited to join the Amex family. The page said I was pre-qualified for the 3 main no longer charge cards (Platinum, Gold, and Green), all of the Hiltons, and Deltas, but they really don't work with my lifestyle as my travel is limited. I usually go for Cashback, cards and I refuse to pay an AF. I want to get an AMEX with membership points down the line for their sweet amazon shop with points deals. 


I am a very suburban dad type consumer. I have no plans on traveling anywhere in the next year via a plane but having a few nights on a card because of a 100K point sign up bonus at a Hampton Inn or lower-ranked Hilton is always ideal, especially since I could always do some regional domestic travel (via car) after I get the vaccine.


After getting approved for the Hilton Honors card, I then saw I finally had a link to apply for the Venmo Credit Card today. I had looked for the link when it was announced but didn't get it at first. I went ahead and applied. $4100 SL with access to $4000 right away.


I have what I believe is a strong relationship with synchrony bank. I have the 2 %Paypal MC 2K CL, Care Credit current 10K Limit, originally had a $600 limit, and Sam's Club (Store Card) current 5K Limit think SL was around $400 it was low, but I used it for weekly gas for a few months, and it grew quickly. I will never use the full amount of that CL, so I paused requesting any CLI because I have enough padding. Since I PIF on all my cards. I will say that my Propel, Paypal, and Sam's were open this last year around this time.  


The only other cards I want are the Chase Amazon Card, the Chase Freedom Flex, and maybe the Bank of America Cash Rewards.

I obviously have to wait until I am under 5/24 for Chase and under the 3/12 Rule BoA, as I do not have a deposit account with BoA.


I plan to spend three years in the garden while focusing on paying off all of my student loans. So when I am done, I will be able to apply for a mortgage then apply for the cards. 


So my current line credit card line up is 


Capital One: 

  1. Quicksilver - CL 4550 (No AF)
  2. Savor - CL 2400 (will product change this year to avoid an annual fee (most likely venture one) but only if they won't wave it for the third year; had the 2nd year waived)
  3. Walmart Cash Rewards MC - CL 400 (grew a whopping $100 after 1 year) (NO AF)

Wells Fargo:

  1. Wells Fargo Propel - CL 1500 (NO AF)


  1. Discover It - CL 2K (was prepaid with 200 deposit, but graduated after 7 months & got 200 back) (No AF)

Synchrony Bank:

  1. Venmo Credit - CL 4100 (NO AF)
  2. Paypal 2% MC - CL 2K (NO AF)
  3. Care Credit CL - 10K (NO AF)
  4. Sam's Club Store Card - CL 5K (Store Membership Required/Would pay anyway so I consider NO AF others may disagree) 

TD Cards:

  1. Target - CL 1K (NO AF)

American Express: 

  1. Hilton Honors Credit Card - CL 1K (NO AF) 
Current Cards:

Student Loan Accounts:

Scores as of 2/12/2021:

Inquires as of 1/30/2021:

Average Age of Credit History as of 1/30/2021

* Gardening since 01/25/21. Garden Goal Date is 02/25/23

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Re: Amex & Venmo Approval

Congrats on your approvals!

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Re: Amex & Venmo Approval

@CreditBloke Very nice! Always a great thing to join the AMEX family!!! I was Pre-Approved for the same card, but I'm scared to pull trigger! Lo

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Re: Amex & Venmo Approval

Congrats! and word of the wise, no more Synchrony cards for you!  Don't poke the hornets nest more than you already have Smiley Happy

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Re: Amex & Venmo Approval

That's great!!  Congratulations on your approvals!!

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Re: Amex & Venmo Approval

Congratulations on your approvals!
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Re: Amex & Venmo Approval


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Re: Amex & Venmo Approval

Congratulations on your approvals!!

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Re: Amex & Venmo Approval

Congratulations on your approvals!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Amex & Venmo Approval

Congratulations on both approvals and good luck with you future card list too!


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