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Amex "Your Card Offers"

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Amex "Your Card Offers"

A few weeks ago tried the Amex prequalify site and the delta gold and green card came up. App'd for both and was approved for both. Now in the my account offers the BCE and platinum came up, does anyone know it these are directly targeted? Also, would there be anyway to upgrade the green to platinum without another HP and in such a short period of time?
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Re: Amex "Your Card Offers"

Why would you want to upgrade the Green to Platinum?  You would miss out on all the points. Did you get the 25k points with the Green?  I appd the PRG and BCE a week apart because it took that long for the 250 BCE to show up and go through and I only got one hard pull.  If you want the platinum just apply for it.  And get the points,  

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