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Re: First 5 digit approval

@pipeguy wrote:

Congrats ! 


Guess that means you are buying the forum drinks tonight Smiley Wink

Nice PipeGuy! 

We can call it MyFico Happy Hour!


Congrats OP!


Current Scores 3/2016 Equifax 676 Transunion 697 Experian 648 Goal Scores: 720's accross the board. Gardening Goal: 3/2017
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Re: Amex


wells.jpg 2chase navychase east westchase us bankimg src=ChaseFreedom_F.inddC_DP7_EMV_MNLW_18-PID 257.epsnavy fedBCE&ED|Chase|NFCUcc&CLOC|WF|Cash+|ElanFin.|Dia'md prefer.|PF|Gard'N since 6/23/2017|TOTAL CL$111.2K !!!NOIIICE!!!
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Re: Amex


FICO 08 Scores (as of October 2017) - Equifax: Unknown | Experian: 742 | TransUnion: 761 | GARDENING until December 2018
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