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And yet another BB&T Approval


Re: And yet another BB&T Approval

@forestgreenrover wrote:

@redpuppydog wrote:

Unfortunately their pre-qualify doesn't include my state (and several other states). Does this mean they don't offer their cards to all states?

Correct. It's mostly a southern, mid-Atlantic regional bank.

From an online pre-qualification perspective, they are geo-restricted.  However, BB&T's CC products are offered outside of their charter (i.e. lending footprint area) via targetted pre-approved mailers.

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Re: And yet another BB&T Approval

Another SOLID BB&T approval! Congrats on the great SL and it will come in a visa signature flavor. It didnt show anything online about them having a VS but when mine showed up it definitely was. This train is firing on all cylinders -- Welcome Aboard the BB&T Express!! 

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Re: And yet another BB&T Approval

Congratulations on your approval!

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