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Another Bread/Amex Approval

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Re: Another Bread/Amex Approval

@Anonymous wrote:

SL seems generous on this card, many getting 7k

I dont think so...Very first time I heard about this lender/card was from a member named-Maharaja 2-3 weeks ago who got SL $36...I right away rushed into assuming this card to be very generous in CL....Also, very next day I received a pre-approved mail from them which was shocking because I 99% of the time dont receive any flier, and receiving about this card when I was very anxiously thinking to apply for it then it was match in heaven...So, timing was so charming...and I said to myself that I would apply for this card after 2-3 weeks later when a few of inquiries would drop off from my CBs..


But in these 2-3 weeks I have seen tons of postings on various forums about the approval of this card and I honestly dont see anyone getting SL over $10k...There might be some more than this, but I have not seen which has changed my mind about this card, and I have finally decided that Im not going to apply for this card...I dont have CL on any of my cards lower than $12k except one or two cards...and datapoint suggests not having over than $10k SL on this card on average...Maharaja is an exception which we all know...Nevertheless, $7k might be a big SL for some then its ok for them to get this card...

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Re: Another Bread/Amex Approval

@pip3man wrote:

@Janneman wrote:

@howellco2 wrote:

Got a flyer in the mail saying i was pre approved so i went to the website to check it out I saw was only asking for last 4 so i was thinking pre approval check  so i submited the info ..... Approved for 10k ..... All reports locked 


I dont have my fingers crossed because I was a approved  before and then they closed the the account before i even got the card in the mail another Com card not this one


Not understanding...Can you please explain it simply? Are you saying that you applied for this card with locked all 3 credit reports and got approved but they closed your account then right away???

Nah OP is saying they got approved for this card but he/she isn't holding their breath on this one bcos in the past, they were approved for a different Comenity account which got closed before the card was ever received in the mail. 

So it means Comenity is another trash or couldnt be trusted...awww gash...

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Re: Another Bread/Amex Approval

WooHoo!! Congratulations on your Bread Approval!!👏🏼🍾🥂

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Re: Another Bread/Amex Approval

Congratulations on your Bread Amex!

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Re: Another Bread/Amex Approval

Congrats on your approval.

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Re: Another Bread/Amex Approval

Congrats!   Bread.jpg

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