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Another Tiny CLI from Disco!


Re: Another Tiny CLI from Disco!

@calyx wrote:

I meant to check on another account, but manage to type in the Disco html instead, figured 'why the hell not?' after Disco denied me just a couple of days ago...

$300 CLI (2900 -> 3200); card at 23% (pre CLI) util; TU F8 = 767 (according to Disco)

Past history:
Opened 9/23/18 at 1200
12/6 $400 Auto CLI: 1200 -> 1600 (after third statement)
4/8/2019 $1300 CLI:  1600 -> 2900 (0 reporting)
5/13 $300 CLI:  2900 -> 3200




@calyx  congrats!


I've probably cost them $300.00 in postage by now Smiley LOL

Undead Danny Trejo looks strangely like dead Danny Trejo, who looks exactly like alive Danny Trejo. Thanks, Netflix!
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Re: Another Tiny CLI from Disco!

Congrats on your increase!!

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Mortgage May 2017 - 2 auto loans (1 PenFed and 1 Navy) Aug 2018=98K
Gardening until June 2021

FICO 8 Scores EX 700 EQ 696 TU 703
AAOA 5.2yrs TCL=268,700
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