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Another (early) BOA graduation!

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Another (early) BOA graduation!

Seems like BOA has been doing quite a few early graduations of their $99/500 card as of late, so today my SO called them to find out of he would be eligible since his 9th statement just cut.  Turns out they processed it yesterday!


They bumped the limit up to $1500 and removed the annual fee, and he'll receive his deposit back within a week.  He's so happy since he was NOT thrilled with the idea of paying the annual fee for a second time Smiley Wink  So now he has his $1500 BOA and a $2000 Discover It.  Amex has been bombing him with preapprovals for the gold card lately, but he wouldn't get much use out of a charge card.  Maybe he'll eventually apply for a revolver once he has a year of history on the BOA card.  Either way, he's on the road to a wallet that works well for him (he's a f/t student with a p/t job)!

TU: 771 (7/17/17) | EQ: 787 (7/17/17) | EX: 792 (7/17/17)

Cap1 Quicksilver, $4,750 (4/2012); Discover IT, $34,000 (10/2012); Chase Amazon Rewards, $14,600 (10/2012); AMEX Hilton HHonors, $15,000 (11/2012); AMEX Blue Cash Everyday, $15,000 (01/2013); Barclaycard Arrival+, $10,000 (07/2013)
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Re: Another (early) BOA graduation!

Congratualtions to your SO


PNC Secured 2000 (Dec12), Chase Amazon 2000 (Apr13), CapOne Newcomer 2500 (May13), Citi dividend 3000 (May13), Discover IT 1000 (Jul13), Amex BCP 6000 (Jul13), Chase Southwest 10000 (Jul13), Chase Marriott 12000 (Oct 13), BofA Travel Rewards 5000 (Dec13)

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Re: Another (early) BOA graduation!

That's amazing! BofA doesn't usually remove the annual fee without customer request, and doesn't always give a credit limit increase. Congratulations on his achievement! He's right on track to credit success!

P/S: my second card was a Discover as well, with a 2k limit, obtained 9 months after the BofA secured Smiley Happy So your SO is following a similar path to mine back then. This is the best time for him to apply for an Amex actually, credit card or charge card. I got my first Amex, a credit card, with 10 months of credit history, 1 month after I got the Discover.

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Re: Another (early) BOA graduation!

Congrats Nice

FICO (TU/EX/EQ): 773/766/778 - Total CL 255+K
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