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App Spree success??

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App Spree success??

So I recently refinanced my motorcycle went down from 15.99 percent to 6.99 at that time I said well they already ran my credit so I might as well try some credit cards.


Ebates declined (no letter yet)

Capital Venture declined (no letter)

Chase Sapphire declined (5/24 rule, I didnt count correctly UGH I hate myself for that one)

Bank of america travel rewards declined (recon overturned decision $5000 SL)

Barclay Arrival+ instant approval $5000 SL

American Express BCE instant approval $1000 SL

Stanford FCU Cash Back approval $10,000 SL (they offered me this when they ran my harley refi no extra HP, I had recently closed this one so I was thinking about re opening but since it was a nice limit I said it can help with my ratio plsu it helped me get that extra 1 percent discount on the loan refi)

Citibank double cash instant approval $7500


Discover CLI to 14,200 small increase from 13500


Now I will definitely stop with all this I'm done. Garden for the rest of my life, I hope.


Whats your take on the bank of america vs arrival+, I have the cash back covered I think I wanted a travel rewards to start utilizing it to take the family out on vacation more maybe use it as motiviation to travel more haha

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Re: App Spree success??

Good list of approvals.  You are going to need to spend 3000 dolllars on the arrival + and 1000 dollas on the BOA travel in the next 90 days  to get your sign up bonus. 

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Re: App Spree success??

Im up for the challenge! 1000 for the american express too right? Im bummed about the SL but hopeful on the growth Smiley Happy

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Re: App Spree success??

That's quite a spree but I think that is a good strategy.  I group my HP's together once a year at the most now and it seems much smarter than applying once a month for a different product.  Bummer about the Chase Sapphire. I am not sure I will ever apply for that card because their policy is really stupid in my opinion, their money so they get to make the rules but I still think its silly because they include AR accounts also.  If it wasn't for that part of the policy I would have less heartburn

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Re: App Spree success??

Very nice spreeSmiley Happy Just amazed that Citi gave a $7500 starting limit on the Dc, they are usually stingy. Congrats on thatSmiley Happy
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