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App Spree!!!

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App Spree!!!

After lurking around the forums a while and getting my credit up I decided to go on a modest app spree. My main focus was getting some balance transfer cards to help  family clear out debt.



AAoA 11 years

14% Utilization

Zero negs

1 Inq/ 1 new account.

80K income


All of these apps were done on the same day.


1.) Chase Freedom approved for 12K


2.) Chase Slate approved for 13K


3.) Discover IT approved for 12.5K


4.) Bank of America Americard approved for 8K


5.) PenFed under loan officer review (Update approved for 5K with 9.24% APR I was pretty upset with the low SL as I have seen many people get 20K+ I filled out the survey and complained about it.)


6.) Barclay Ring I got the 7-10 message (Update approved for 12.5K)


7.) Blispay I got a flat out denial and I'm pretty sure its because I messed up some security questions but I will follow up on it.

Apparently living at the same address for 30 years and the same job for 30 years they were unable to verify my identity, what a waste of an inquiry.


I'm hoping PenFed and Barclays come through for me and I still need to jump through the hoops to join NavyFed. Any thoughts or suggestions on some good cards that have high SL's for some padding would be great.


Thanks everyone!!

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Re: App Spree!!!

Some nice takeaways on your spree and Congratulations on a successful one!



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Re: App Spree!!!


Penfed should yield an approval and w/regarsd to the Barclay Ring you can call the following # and speak to an analyst and answer any questions they should have.  With your scores you will most likely get an approval from them as well.  Barclays Analyst # 866-408-4064


with regards to high CL Penfed might come through with one or NFCU as you mentioned or even possibly consider the Venture from Cap1 if you want a 20k CL as your scores and income support it.

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Re: App Spree!!!

Very nice! Congrats! And good luck with Barclays and PenFed. 

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Re: App Spree!!!

1) Congrats

2) Congrats

3) Congrats

4) Congrats

5) GL !  You'll get it

6) Recon !! or maybe its a verification letter

7) Oh well,vhad to lose one eventually

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Re: App Spree!!!

Nice!! That's the best SL I've ever seen on a slate. Congrats!
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