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App Success!

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Re: App Success!


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Re: App Success!

Just a quick update.  The Discover IT limit is actualy $1000.  Also,  Chase fraud protection just called me to verify my identity because of the 2 applications I had with them (Amazon and Slate).  Once I verified my information I was approved for the Slate also!  I do not know the credit limit and the rep was unable to tell me what it is, but I'm approved!!!  Now if when my Orchard becomes Capital1 and they do not waive the AF I am definately closing that card!  I am out of sub-prime hell and not keeping a card that is charging me a fee to have it and also does not grow with me!  Once I have the card I will update the limit.  I realize that these limits aren't outrageous, but after my rebuilding struggle I'm so excited to be approved for these cards with much better terms that will grow with me.  Plus, now that I have these cards in a year or two I can get even better cards!!!

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Re: App Success!

The important thing is you are on your way. You are absolutely correct that rebuilding is a struggle and not to focus on the CL . You have great cards, with prime lenders.
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Re: App Success!

Congrats! I'm hoping to do the same within the year!



Also, anyone follow up on the cards in the signature question?

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