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App spree and results

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Re: App spree and results

Nice job with that haul! Congrats. 

Tradelines: Penfed Power Cash Rewards - $10k, Macy’s - $8k, Ethan Allen (TD Bank) - $5.7k, Kay Jewelers - $5.5k, Appliances Connection - $5.3k, Jared - $5.25k, Best Buy (Citi) - $5k, Dell Preferred Account - $3.5k, Samsung - $3.2k , Capital One Platinum - $3k, Firestone CFNA - $2.4k, Mercury MC - $2.25k, Williams Sonoma - $2.1k, Wayfair (Fortiva) - $2k, Amazon Store Card - $1.8k, Apple Card - $1.7k, NFCU cashRewards - $1.5k, CareCredit - $1.5k, B&H Photo - $1.5k, Amex Delta Gold (AU) - $1k, Sam’s Club MC - $1k, American Eagle - $1k, Ollo MC - $600, Mission Lane Visa - $500, NY & Company - $500, Home Depot - $500, Target RED Card - $500, CapOne Secured MC 0 AF - $500, Penfed Overdraft LOC - $500

Current FICOS: EX - 690, EQ - 689, TU - 688
Ch 7 BK D/C Aug 2019
Starting scores: EX - 534, EQ - 574, TU - 516
Total TLs: $76.9k
Total Utilization: 6%
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Re: App spree and results

Congrats on all your success 

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Re: App spree and results

Congratulations on your 3 approvals!

|| DTI 8% || Mortgage Scores: EQ724, Tu694, EX726 ||
Inquiries: EQ/TU/EX (0 / 2 / 1) - 0/6 - 0/12 - 3/24 ||

Next App on the list is ???
Last apps: (2) August 18, 2019
Garden goal - Unknown date, 2021
Going for Sapphire spade - May 18th 2021

Dirty/ Thick/ Aged/
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Re: App spree and results

Congrats on your approvals!

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Re: App spree and results

@jason0618 wrote:

I did a little app spree on Monday during my post-divorce rebuild. Not the best results, but it's a marathon, not a sprint and I'd say I did alright, considering that. 

current cards--

Discover IT.  $1,000 limit. It just graduated from secured with $450 limit to unsecured with this limit last month. I did not request an increase. Charged $900 on it, PIF, and now has about $400 on it which I will also pif before second statement date on the 15th. 

capital one quicksilver. $600 limit. It's been at this limit for 7 months. Requested a CLI at 6 months and was declined for having been adjusted too recently, and too many inquiries. (I had 3).  I think this one must be bucketed.  Idk.  I use it regularly, pif several times a month. I'll give it a little while since if they were worried about 3 inquiries, I'm sure they'll be worried now. 

kay jewelers. Had a $1500 limit.  Card used for a purchase with promotional 0% rate and pif. Can't request CLI online or phone, have to go into the store. I happened to be near a store Monday, so I decided to try.  No pressure to purchase anything, just had to show ID. Soft pull, $800 increase to $2300.


comenity Victoria's Secret. $150 limit. Basically useless. They auto increased it to $250.  Still basically useless, but at least it's an increase...


comenity j crew. This one idk. I've had the account 3 years, regular use, regular pif. They decreased my credit line to $100 after my last payoff. Never late, no major score changes. Nothing out of the ordinary, but that's where it is. I've not used it since. Debating between buying a pair of socks every 6 months or just SD until they close it. 

And now for the app spree...


synchrony-- I burned them in bk on Lowe's  in 2016..

Applied for and got these ones--

--amazon $400 5% cash back is good. 
--Tire Doscounters- $800.  I have 4 cars, so car maintenance card is good to have, they're a local store, and promotional financing rates. I need tires currently on my Camry so it will probably be used. 

--CareCredit- $2350.  I've got 6 kids. This will come in handy for sure. 
Applied for Lowe's and got declined, so..  I guess maybe I'm blacklisted. Not sure. 
Applied for FordPass rewards visa from FNBO.  Should have read here, but I'm sure it's a decline. 7-10 day message. 

checked prequalified links for capital one, discover and Amex, with nothing found. Credit one has a very good chance of approval according to credit karma, but I'm not interested in that one. I figure if my discover and quicksilver have no annual fee, why would I want a card with worse rewards AND an annual fee?  

I think that even though all my approvals were with synchrony that it was an eventful day. Helped my util anyway. I'll now go back to the garden to let these do their thing for the next 6 months or so and then hopefully will be able to get some good cards. 

Congratulations on the approvals and the sweet CLI's! I'm with you about the card with fees. We're in that just still a wee bit low side on our new nicely improved, just not quite there. Patience, right? I'm a seedling 🌱 along with you in the Garden Club 🪴🪴🪴. 

I like your reasoning for the Tire store. Thank you for sharing so many of your DP's with us. 

Starting Score: June 2020: 502
Current Score: EX: May 15 - 687, EQ: APR 2021 – 668, MAY 2021 – 726, APR 26 - TU: 673
May 15 - TU: 697

Goal Score: Good: 670 by May ✅. By JUN 675✅,
Come on 680 across all 3 ✅, 690’s by JUN. Over 700 in 2021, ideally 725plus, 805 LT
Inquiries: 30/0, 60/1, 90/6, 12/13
TCL: JUN 2020 $700, MAY 2021 $13,051
AAoA 1 YR 6 Months AoYA 7 weeks
2021 Goal Cards: NAFs and $5K CL’s

Bank and Credit Union Memberships:

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Re: App spree and results



Credit Cards, Loans & Store Cards

Bank and Credit Union Memberships

Available Credit - $10,600
Util: 16%. Inquiries: TU: 43 EX: 31 EQ: 22
Gardening Until: March 28, 2023
AaOA: 1 Year & 6 Months

Fico 8 Scores Current as of March 2021

Fico 8 Scores Post BK

Bankruptcy Discharged: November 1, 2019
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Re: App spree and results

Sounds like those CC's will be very useful to you. 

Congratulations, enjoy them!

NFCU More Rewards 28K CL
AODFCU Visa Signature 5K CL
Citi Custom Cash 4.5K
NFCU Cash Rewards 8K
Discover IT 2K
Cap 1 600
NFCU auto loan
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Re: App spree and results

Congratulations! Nice progress on rebuild!

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