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App spree---penfed and discover

New Member

App spree---penfed and discover

Hello Everyone,

been a long time lurker on this forum and its been great help. So yesterday I decided to refinance my car loan with penfed. Joined NLSD and applied online for membership and auto loan. Approved @2.99 for 84 months but was asked to call in for Id verification. During the call asked for any other eligible offers, applied penfed cash rewards and ploc both were approved for 10k and 20k respectively. Logged online and applied for penfed Amex got approval for 5k. High on the success applied for discover it and got 5.5k. Couldn't be happier. 


Eq fico from from credit check total- 773


penfed auto loan 39800 @ 2.99 for 84 months


cash rewards- 10k

penfed Amex-- 5k

discover it--5.5k


now waiting for my cards to show up in mail...

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