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Apple Card Approval ! (37th Application)

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Re: Apple Card Approval ! (37th time is the charm)



Congratulations enjoy.

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Re: Apple Card Approval ! (37th Application)

@TryN2Rebuild wrote:

Everytime I apply they deny me for recent late. I have nothing late in the last 6 years not sure if they call that recent. I pulled my  TU report all good. I guess I will keep trying.

If you haven't already done so try applying on the Apple website by going to buy something and choose something that qualifies for an installment plan. Both me and my wife were always denied for the "recently late" reason and we both got approved doing this. It's become known as the Apple Cart Trick (ACT).  You just act like you want to buy something but you don't have to actually buy anything. When we did it we put 4 of the 27 inch iMac's and 1 of the iPad Air with 256 GB storage in our cart. When you go to check out choose the option to do an installment plan on the Apple Card. It'll let you apply for the Apple Card with improved odds. After they approved us we went on our iPhones and opened the Wallet app and hit the plus button and then accepted the Apple Card offer. After we ordered the Titanium card we went back on our computer and just cancelled the order. Hopefully this works for you too! Feel free to try when you're ready. I did this 5 days after being denied and got approved.  


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