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Apple Card CLI $1,000

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Re: Apple Card CLI $1,000

Congrats !

>3/2016 EX 644 CK-TU 642 CK-EQ 660 WalMart- 671.
>5/2023 All 3 reports 840ish (F8) F9s = 850 but my app finger is still twitching
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Re: Apple Card CLI $1,000

@kjonesjr00 wrote:

Was it a soft pull?

Yes, I believe so.

Before asking for CLI, I asked if it will affect my credit score.

the response from GS: "Great question! We will use the existing credit bureau data we have in connection with your account. There will be no effect on your current credit score."


Also, forgot to include details in original post:

Total Spending for each month: AUG(48 transactions) $1,500; SEP(46) $1,400; OCT(30) $1,400; NOV(30) $800; DEC(26) $1,000

So I guess that is about $1,200/month?

I think I use this card for just about everything except dining & groceries (AMEX GOLD)Heart


Anyway, I figure I add some dps too Smiley Very Happy as I find dps from this forum to be super helpful!!

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Re: Apple Card CLI $1,000

I asked for update via text, waiting...(well, hadn't checked back, it's only been two days)

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Re: Apple Card CLI $1,000

Congratulations on your CLI!!!

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Re: Apple Card CLI $1,000



Apple may have to be my next card... gotta get out of the garden though. 

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Re: Apple Card CLI $1,000



I opened mine Aug last year and got denied for CLI in Dec. I tried for a CLI several days ago and got an email 3 days later from Apple Card Support stating I got approved for $1000 increase. Email also stated the following:


"We consider a variety of factors in evaluating any credit limit increase, including:

  • Your TransUnion FICO Score 9, and any changes since you first applied for Apple Card
  • How much of your existing Apple Card credit limit you've used
  • If you've made Apple Card payments on time and paid all or a significant proportion of your monthly balance
  • Credit history on accounts in your credit report, including accounts on which you are an authorized user (i.e., not the primary account holder)
  • The income you reported in your application"
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